Electric fireplaces are a great option for keeping warm in our rooms during the coldest months of the year. This type of fireplace doesn’t require any type of fuel, making it a more comfortable way to use, avoiding the emission of smoke and odours and allowing us to save energy while adding a distinctive touch of style to the room.


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    Decorative electric fireplace with remote control and LED flame effect lighting. To maintain an ideal temperature in your home and...


    Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home has never been so easy, thanks to this electric fireplace with flame effect...

Decorative wall fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are highly decorative devices, but at the same time they serve as heating support. They have the appearance of a real fireplace, with animations of flames and embers created by an LED lighting system, achieving the illusion of a real fireplace fire that surprises with its realism.

How does an electric fireplace heat?

Inside the electric fireplace there is an electric resistance, which can be between 1000 to 2000w of power, which emits heat by radiation, thus heating the air closest to the device, which is distributed by means of the built-in fan.

How much does an electric fireplace consume?

The power consumption is variable and depends on two factors: the consumption of the display and the heating system. In the flame simulation function, the consumption of the device is very low, in most cases the light is generated by LED lights whose consumption can fluctuate between 4W and 11W. Whereas, in heating mode, being 1000 to 2000W maximum, the consumption is the same as an electric radiator of similar power.

So, each system works independently so you can use the fireplace in decoration mode, consuming little electricity.

Advantages of installing an electric fireplace

  • They heat very quickly: unlike traditional fireplaces, by heating the air by convection, they heat the surrounding air quickly, raising the temperature of the room.
  • They have a remote control: most of them include a remote control with which you can adjust the temperature.
  • They are safe: with this type of fireplaces we avoid the risk of burning ourselves as they incorporate a protective glass.
  • Easy installation: plug and play. No building work required, but they can be recessed if you want them to be flush with the wall.
  • They are clean: they don’t expel fumes or ashes and therefore do not require extraction pipes, additional ventilation or an ash container.
  • Decorative: the advantage of a fireplace of this type is that it imitates the flame and fire of a conventional fireplace. That is why, when choosing one, one of the most important aspects to take into account is its aesthetic appearance.
  • High level of energy efficiency: if we look at the use of the energy source, all the electricity consumed is transformed into heat.
  • It doesn’t need any fuel, so we do not have to buy, transport and store it.