Mirrors are a perfect element for decorating, bringing light and spaciousness to a room. They are a very versatile complement, thanks to the wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours you can find the one that best complements the style and space of your room.


    This elegant mirror with a circular wood design is perfect to give light and space to any room. Let yourself...


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    Let yourself be conquered by the original metallic finish of this large mirror, ideal for adding light and spaciousness to...


    Let yourself be conquered by this original wooden mirror. Hang it on the wall, it will look great and will...


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    Bring light and space to your home by dressing the wall with this simple mirror with an exagonal shape and...


    Let yourself be carried away by the simplicity and elegance of this wall mirror. Thanks to the soft wood and...


    Thanks to the original shape of this wall mirror you will give your home a very modern and chic touch....


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A mirror for each room

The idea of including a mirror in a room can completely change the appearance of the room. A large mirror can become a great ally when we have to decorate a small room. If, for example, we want to make our living room look bigger and brighter, we will place the mirror on the wall in front of the main source of light, which will increase and improve the circulation of light. If, in addition, you place it in front of the window, it will give you a surprising feeling of spaciousness and space.

It is a perfect alternative to be incorporated also in a hall, as this is usually a room without windows and where natural light comes in the background from other rooms. The mirror will be our enhancer of that light, providing us with greater luminosity and spaciousness. It is also perfect for putting on the finishing touches before going out. You can also include it at the end of the corridor, a simple and elegant way of gaining metres and style. Essential in any bedroom, if we are lucky enough to have a dressing room, a large mirror is our ally for dressing in great detail.

If you opt for small mirrors, dare to combine several of them, mixing different shapes and sizes, playing with perspectives to achieve an attractive and luminous wall decoration. You can place them on top of the dresser or sideboard in your bedroom, or on the sofa in your living room. Also, you can incorporate them in any room in a practical and elegant way.

How to choose the right mirror for your room


Choosing the shape of the mirror

Wall or floor, decorative or functional, square, round… there are numerous ways to place a mirror. From the classic rectangular mirrors to the most extravagant shapes, we can always find the perfect space for every mirror.

Of the many geometric shapes, the classic square or rectangular mirror is the most common. Thanks to its large surface area, it is a very practical mirror that is also easy to combine and place in any space.

If you prefer a more distinctive and striking look, a hexagonal or rhomboid-shaped mirror could be for you. Place it on top of a console table, a chest of drawers or integrate it into your living room above your sofa to create an elegant contrast between lines.

On the other hand, the round mirror is always a good solution: discreet and more minimalist, this type of shape integrates perfectly with the elements of any room. It is a very recurrent shape for nordic style homes with sober and minimalist decoration lines.

Morouver, decorative mirrors can be found in infinite and original shapes, with different details and finishes. A world of styles from which we can choose the one that best enhances the space in which we are going to include it. This type of mirror brings freshness and distinction to the room. They can be the point of rupture and contrast of our environment or harmonize with all the elements of the room creating an oasis of comfort.


Materials and finishes

The frame of a mirror is an element of high decorative value, which can turn the simplest form into the most outstanding. The colour and materials are the key elements for a frame to evoke certain sensations or others.

On the other hand, natural materials, such as wood, transmit warmth, elegance and sobriety, typical of the nordic design style. Although, this type of material also combines very well in any rustic style environment. So it is perfect for country houses and can be a component to take into account in a boho-chic or minimalist style room.

While metallic finishes are ideal for adding a more classic, industrial touch to your home. A touch of gold or copper will add a touch of elegance to vintage rooms, or a distinctive touch to contemporary ones. We cannot forget that metal is the main material in any industrial style environment, therefore, an antique or silver metal mirror will be a success in this type of decoration.

Mirror maintenance and installation

Although hanging a mirror is not a complicated task a priori, we recommend that you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and assess the risk of accidents before hanging it. This is especially true for large mirrors if the task is to be carried out individually or with help. Large mirrors can be difficult to manoeuvre and are more fragile in nature, so be aware of this before you start.

Where to place it is another thing to think about. Avoid placing it in damp spaces, as this could damage the enamel and cause cracks. Always clean it with soft, non-abrasive materials.