Wall clocks are a magnificent element with which to dress up the walls of your home in a useful and original way. They give rooms a vintage, modern, industrial touch, etc. There is a wide range to choose the one that best suits your style.


    This clock is made of a combination of black metal with gold metal located on the hands and numbers. ADONIS...


    Hang this decorative and practical clock on the wall of your living room or kitchen, it will look great and...


    This wall clock is ideal for industrial style decorations, it will bring character and style to your home interior thanks...


    This metal wall clock is perfect to hang in your living room or kitchen. The contrast between the brown of...

Styles and designs of wall clocks

Apart from telling us the time, clocks have a unique aesthetic power, as they enrich the decoration of rooms and are a reflection of your style and personality. With a wall clock we can transform a boring space into an original and stylish environment, adding that extra functionality.

Modern, vintage, classic, etc., they come in a thousand colours and shapes. If you have a free space in your kitchen or an empty wall in your bedroom, living room or lounge, a clock is the perfect element for a change of style. Combine your room with a clock in the same style.

Rustic-looking wooden clocks are ideal for those country cottage or Nordic rooms, where natural raw materials, soft lines and neutral colours are the main protagonists.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who prefer the use of metals, together with wood, typical of industrial or vintage environments, you will find a wide variety of completely metallic models. You can opt for an openwork structure or one made with a wooden body and metal hands. You can also give a more contemporary touch with a clock without numbers or go for a classic style with a clock with visible gears.