Ergonomic office chairs are not only part of our furniture, they are also essential for the care of our back. Throughout the day we spend many hours in front of a desk, hence the importance of maintaining a good posture and having a chair for the home that helps us to prevent cervical and lumbar pain.

Arteconfort chairs are made with 0% formaldehyde and have reclining, cervical and lumbar backrests, as well as using class 4 gas pistons in order to reduce fatigue at the end of each day.


    The OSAKA desk chair is versatile, comfortable and functional. It perfectly combines sobriety with comfort and ergonomics to adapt to...

  • RIAD

    The RIAD desk chair with armrests, headrest and lumbar support will make your hours in the office go by without...

  • SEUL

    Design and functionality come together in this unobtrusive desk chair. It is perfect for carrying out any long-term task comfortably...


    VILNA is a desk chair that perfectly combines comfort with elegance. It includes headrest, armrests and lumbar support. It has...

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    Ergonomic chairs for home and office use

    One of the many lessons that teleworking has taught us is the importance of taking care of our back health after spending hours and hours in front of a screen.…

    Ergonomic chairs for home and office use
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    Ergonomic chairs for home and office use
    Routine goes hand in hand with spending hours and hours in front of a desk, where the posture we maintain is essential to prevent future ailments. Ergonomic office chairs adapt to the needs of our body, providing us with greater comfort.
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