Lamps give personality to every room in your home: bedroom, living room or kitchen can acquire their own style by incorporating the right lamp. Thanks to the large number of models, shapes and materials, you can choose the one that best suits your style.


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Tips for choosing the perfect lamp

A well-lit room guarantees the enjoyment of the space at any time. It is important to make the most of natural light and combine it with perfect elements to achieve the best lighting, both during the day and at night. The lamps and light points we choose will influence our rooms, both from a technical and decorative point of view. Therefore, a well-chosen luminaire will set the tone of the decoration, while illuminating every room in your home.

Floor, table or ceiling, there are a multitude of lamps and they all have interesting and attractive aspects that make them perfect choices for every room. The combination of different types of lamps will help us to create a gallery of effects that can be surprising, together with a pleasant lighting that will provide our home with dynamic and pleasant atmospheres, making it even more beautiful.

Before you start choosing the lights for your home, here are some of the most important characteristics of each model and the keys to choosing them.


Ceiling lamps

This type of lamp is a suspension lamp that is used to diffuse light throughout the room. As they are responsible for providing general lighting, we must make sure that the points of light are distributed correctly, as well as choosing efficient lighting, but without too much light or glare.

A ceiling lamp plays a very important role in the decoration of our rooms and should therefore be chosen with care and in accordance with the rest of the room. We can choose between lamps with large volumes and structural shapes, small, baroque and extravagant or minimalist, elegant in white or with striking colours and finishes, etc., with a wide variety of manufacturing materials: glass, metal, wood, paper or stainless steel. This material will significantly mark the style line of our lamp and, therefore, of our decoration.


Floor lamps

They are a perfect element to illuminate a space in the room in a simple way and at the same time complement the decoration of our living room or bedroom. One of the aspects we should focus on when choosing our floor lamp is the use we are going to give it, that is, if we are going to use the lamp as an ambient light or as a reading lamp, as this aspect will be fundamental when choosing the lampshade:

  • Drum lampshade: they have an opening at the top and bottom. They are the classic floor lamps that provide a warm and uniform ambient light.
  • Conical lampshade: they have a wider base and direct the light downwards. They are characterised by a more rustic style.
  • Japanese style lampshade: usually made of paper or woven in silk and linen. They usually cover the whole foot and have a very handmade style.
  • With a flexible head: these lamps do not have a shade, but a head that can be easily moved. They are perfect for projecting the light in the direction you want.

Whatever type you choose, remember that it is important that the lamp harmonises with the rest of the elements in the house.


Table lamps

This type of lamp is very useful at nightfall or when working, when we need extra lighting that allows us to focus the light on a specific area. We can choose from a large number of very varied designs mixing different styles, colours, shapes and details that combine with the established atmosphere. Among this great variety we can distinguish different types of lamps according to their structure and usefulness:

  • Flexos: this type of lamp is perfect for focusing attention on a specific point in the room, essential in any young person’s desk or study room. Thanks to its movable arm, it makes reading easier in desk areas or reading points.
  • Bedroom lamps: every bedroom has a bedside table to which it is a good idea to add a table lamp with ambient light. In this way, the light will be softer and more pleasant, which will avoid suffering the intensity of the light in the morning and disturbing the other person who accompanies us.
  • Banker’s lamps: these lamps originated in the United States, created to help bankers, and are characterised by their brass base and green lampshade. Over time, the models have been modernised and introduced into the different rooms of our homes, providing that vintage touch in office offices, desks or reading areas.
  • Lanterns: a trend in decoration that allows us to combine lighting with aesthetics. Ideal for giving a picturesque touch to any room or corner of the house. We can find them in a multitude of sizes, designs and colours to create unique atmospheres.
  • Children’s lamps: for the little ones, lamps have been created with the most varied and original designs, generally these usually represent figures of animals, stars and planets, cars or marine motifs in a wide variety of colours.

Wall lamps

They may be a more exclusive option for hallways and corridors, although in some cases they can be very appropriate for other rooms and are very useful for outdoor lighting in gardens and terraces.

As we have seen, there are an infinite number of designs, shapes and models of functional lamps for every room: the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room or the bathroom, etc., it is impossible not to find one that adapts perfectly to each room. Therefore, it is important to choose the right lamp according to our decoration and the use we are going to give it.

How to install a ceiling lamp

Installing or replacing a lamp does not have to be a complicated task. We tell you step by step how to do it:


Disconnect the electricity

Before starting, it is important to check and verify that there is no current in the cables we are going to handle. To do this, turn off the power at the corresponding circuit breaker on the electrical panel, so that you can continue to use the sockets in the house without having to turn off the mains power. Although, if you have doubts about which is the automatic switch, turn down the main one. You can use a pin finder, touching the wires with it so that it gives you the signal of whether or not it has current.


Attach the anchor to the ceiling

Next, place the plate at the point where you are going to place the lamp and mark with a pencil the position where you are going to make the holes for the plugs. Drill holes in the ceiling with the drill in the places marked with a pencil and then insert the appropriate plugs for the material of your ceiling, tapping them with a hammer.

Next, screw the wall light with a manual or electric screwdriver, making sure that it is fixed. If you are going to hang it by means of a socket, drill a hole and place the plug in the ceiling, then screw the socket firmly into the plug with the help of a spanner.


Make the electrical connection

It is time to make the electrical connections, to start with we will strip the wires of both the lamp and the current, if they are not already stripped, approximately 0.5 cm each wire. Once this is done, we are going to make the splice: insert each cable in its corresponding place, that is to say, make sure that you align the neutral with neutral, phase with phase and the earth cable with the other cable of the same type. We can identify the type of cable by its colour, as the phase cable will be black, grey or brown; the earth cable, green-yellow; and the neutral, blue.


Place the lamp

Place the lamp in the ceiling anchorage and fasten it with the lateral through screws. Check that it is securely fastened and, finally, place the bulbs, raise the automatic switch to reconnect the light and check that everything is working correctly.

We help you to choose your ideal ceiling light

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    How to choose your ideal ceiling lamp

    When we are going to decide the decoration of our house, one of the most important points and that, probably, will mark the style of the room are the ceiling…

    How to choose your ideal ceiling lamp
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    How to choose your ideal ceiling lamp
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