Ergonomic chairs for home and office use

One of the many lessons that teleworking has taught us is the importance of taking care of our back health after spending hours and hours in front of a screen. Physical exercise is a basic part of this, as is choosing an office chair that suits our needs.

Ergonomic chairs for the home are perfect for protecting and caring for our backs during the time we spend sitting at our desks. But what distinguishes this type of chair from the rest? The main difference lies in the fact that they adapt to the body and the needs of each person, achieving a comfortable and healthy posture.

According to the EPISER study of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER), around 80% of the population will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. Therefore, taking care of our posture is vital to reduce the chances of chronic ailments in the future.

Here are 4 ergonomic chairs from Arteconfort that will help you take care of yourself:

Ergonomic chair OSAKA


The versatile, comfortable and functional design of this office chair makes it one of our most recommended ergonomic products. It features cervical and lumbar support, along with breathable, stain-resistant, water-resistant and flame-retardant fabric, helping us to reduce back strain and have a healthy posture in our day-to-day work.

In addition, you have probably at some point encountered a chair with a gas piston that was leaking air. This happens because the gas spring is not of good quality and you had to adjust the seat height several times a week. Our ergonomic chairs include a class 4 gas spring, avoiding such situations and offering higher quality and safety to the user.

Another key point to take into account when purchasing a chair for the home is the swivel of the wheels, with OSAKA’s being 360º with a greater angle and, therefore, greater stability in our posture.


One of our favourite products that will take care of your back, favouring the rest and relaxation of the cervical and lumbar area.

Silla OSAKA delantera

RIAD ergonomic chair


The RIAD desk chair for the home and office provides high-performance comfort, thanks to the lumbar reinforcement, armrests and headrest, all of which are combined with a simple and elegant design that includes breathable fabric and 5 wheels that make it easier to move and move with greater freedom of movement, thanks to the 360º swivel.

This type of ergonomic furniture is characterised by a solid structure, made of high resistance materials with more resistant, anti-scratch wheels and suitable for moving on carpets.

The black finish of this office chair blends perfectly with any environment, in addition, it supports a maximum load of 150 kilos and includes a class 4 gas piston, as we mentioned before, this is the piston used in high quality chairs, only surpassed by the class 5 that corresponds to XXL models.


A sturdy frame characterises this comfortable desk chair, and the hours will pass without your back suffering!

Silla de escritorio RIAD ambiente

Ergonomic chair VILNA


Do you know the kind of chairs that make you fall in love with their comfortable look? VILNA is one of our most comfortable ergonomic chairs. The grey tone of the body, together with the ergonomic design, the reclining, lumbar and cervical backrest will help us to protect our neck, spine and to rest the lower part of the back to prevent future ailments.

This is the essential accessory for spending hours and hours sitting in front of your desk. Like the previous design, it includes 5 wheels to move freely around the room without scratching the floor and with the possibility of doing so on carpets. It also has a height regulator and a class 4 gas piston.


Comfort and elegance are two features that characterise this office chair, thanks to the greater angle of the chair that provides more stability and its 5 wheels with 360º rotation.


SEUL ergonomic chair


While, if you’re looking for a simpler design, SEUL is the ergonomic chair that will adapt perfectly to your body’s needs. It supports up to 150 kilos and will help you to reduce pressure and muscle fatigue, thanks to the lumbar and reclining backrest. In addition, as it is made, like the rest of the designs, with breathable fabric, it will help us to avoid body heat and keep us cool throughout the 365 days of the year.


Reduce pressure and muscle fatigue with this ergonomic chair model


Arteconfort office chair materials and standards

The material from which Arteconfort office chairs are made is 0% formaldehyde, which is a basic feature, as this is a highly volatile and highly flammable chemical compound.

Regarding the standards and certificates obtained by our chairs:

  • EN1335
  • DIN4550:2004

Benefits of ergonomic chairs on the body

Based on all of the above, ergonomic chairs for the home help us to finish our working day with less lumbar and neck pain, favouring our productivity. There are many benefits for our bodies when we use ergonomic furniture. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The inclination of this type of office chair relieves the pressure on the blood vessels in the thighs, preventing cramps, numbness in the legs, varicose veins, etc.
  • It helps us to maintain the natural posture of our spine.
  • By improving the posture, our digestive system is no longer oppressed, favouring digestion after meals.
  • Muscular tensions disappear, thanks to the cervical and lumbar support.
  • The position offered by ergonomic chairs allows the lungs and diaphragm to relax, resulting in better cellular oxygenation.
Chico estudiando con buena postura para post sillas ergonómicas

Other recommendations to be taken into account

Therefore, once we have chosen which chair we want for our daily life, it is important not to forget to maintain a correct posture in order to take care of our health. Some of the tips we give you are the following:

  • Try to keep your back in a straight position.
  • Adjust the chair to the height that suits your needs, here the class 4 gas spring of the Arteconfort chairs will be perfect.
  • Place the monitor at or below eye level.
  • If possible, try to change position and get up every hour.

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