A good decoration can transform your home. By combining different elements such as furniture, mirrors, lamps or wall clocks, you can bring a distinctive and personal touch to all your rooms.


Automatic bins

Arteconfort automatic waste bins have been designed to make your everyday life easier. Thanks to its infrared sensor, which detects your hand or any object at a distance of about 15cm, it makes your new waste bin the most hygienic way to store waste in your home. A modern and elegant design bin, made with the best materials and the most advanced sensors. It consumes little energy and has a long service life.



Mirrors are a practical and elegant solution for any room. They are both functional and decorative, with a wide range of colours, shapes and materials. Few other decorative elements offer so much scope for home decoration. If you are looking to turn your living room, bedroom or dining room into a unique and surprising space, our mirrors are the ideal complement. With a multitude of designs, colours and shapes to suit any interior style.



El reloj es un elemento imprescindible en nuestra vida cotidiana por lo que resulta ser una buena opción para decorar las paredes de nuestro comedor, oficina o habitación ya que nos ofrecerá un gran aporte decorativo a la vez que nos permite consultar la hora de una forma sencilla.


Indoor furniture

Indoor furniture is what nourishes the main decoration of our home. They help us to give our rooms personality and style, creating an oasis of calm and tranquillity where we can go about our daily lives in comfort and convenience. There are endless models and styles from which to choose those that best harmonise with us and our home.


Decorative furniture

Create your own space where you can relax and escape from routine with a decorative piece of furniture, take advantage of its drawers and storage space to keep the smallest things, place details and decorative elements on the surface of the desk. Include eye-catching boxes, floral details, etc. Choose a dressing table with a mirror and you have everything you need to check how wonderful you look every day.


Garden furniture

Set aside a moment each day to enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the activities you like most such as reading a book, having lunch, having a glass of wine with your partner or just relaxing in nature. The outside of your home can be as comfortable as the inside. With outdoor furniture you can turn the garden of your home into a functional and cosy space with multiple possibilities of use.