Our commitment to quality, the environment, energy performance and occupational safety.

Management system

Quality is manifested in each of our actions and accompanies us in everything we do. Thus, each of the members of our company assumes its mission as its own, with the aim of ensuring the promise of quality in our products.

As a result of these commitments, Arteconfort is in the process of strategically implementing a quality, environmental, energy and occupational safety system in all the activities of our organisation, within the “Design and marketing of home and decoration technology” and in accordance with the standards:

The aim of this ISO standard is to ensure that the company achieves customer satisfaction through improvement processes. Therefore, a company that has been awarded this certificate means that it really does meet quality standards.

The aim of this standard is that any company that receives the certificate can demonstrate that it works to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, optimises its resources from an energy perspective and promotes good energy management practices set out by the organisation, among other objectives.

The priority of this standard is to identify and manage potential environmental risks that may be generated by the company. Its implementation positions the company as socially responsible, as it demonstrates that it is capable of optimising the management of resources and waste, managing to reduce the negative environmental impact of its activity.

Like the others, this standard is essential as it establishes a framework for managing the safety and health of workers. It also provides the requirements for establishing an appropriate occupational health and safety management system to protect people from potential occupational hazards.


Quality and commitment to the environment, energy performance and occupational safety are for Arteconfort differentiating and recognisable elements from the beginning of its activity, integrating in its structure an integral management system, as an indispensable requirement to guarantee its results consistently, with a focus on sustainability in all our activity, taking into account the economic, environmental and social aspects, with a permanent vision towards the continuous improvement of all processes.

At Arteconfort, we have defined our Quality, Environment, Energy and Occupational Safety policy, applying it to all our activities. With it we seek to achieve leadership in the home technology decoration market, promoting the culture of continuous improvement and excellence in management with the aim of increasing competitiveness and value creation, offering solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, always under the premise of environmental protection, improved energy performance and occupational risk prevention.


  • To identify the needs and expectations of our customers, with the commitment that our products, services, systems and processes are always oriented to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers.
  • Ensure the conservation and protection of the environment by minimising the potential environmental impacts of the organisation’s activities.
  • Support the procurement of energy efficient products and services and design to improve energy performance.
  • To guarantee the health and safety of the people who form part of the Organisation.

IMS Policy


Royal Decree 110/2015, of 20 February, on waste electrical and electronic equipment, aims, among other things, to control the generation of waste from this type of equipment and guarantee its correct environmental management once its useful life has ended.

The symbol indicating the separate collection of EEE is shown below. This symbol will be visible on our products.

Símbolo de recogida separada

Our household technology is made up of materials that we can recover and recycle in order to protect the environment.

Arteconfort is a member of an Integrated Management System (IMS), through which we manage the collection, treatment and disposal of WEEE generated by our activity in a sustainable way. In addition, we include the cost of this service in our price, our customers do not have to add any additional cost to our products, we assume them.