Flexos are the perfect product for any young person’s room or office. An element that allows you to carry out your tasks more comfortably and without having to strain your eyes. In addition, to adding a touch of style to your desk, thanks to a wide range, you can choose from numerous designs and models.


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Which is the best flexo

Flexos are an essential element in youth desks, study areas or office desks. This type of lamp is very useful as it provides direct focal lighting, allowing us to illuminate very specific areas of a room, avoiding glare and straining our eyes.

The main functionality of the flexos is the possibility of moving the spotlight as you want. Although, its structure is small, the mobile arm is very useful when we don’t have much space on our desk. The versatility of this type of luminaire means that it goes beyond the study or work areas, adapting to many corners of the house, such as the bedside table, where it is very useful when reading or watching TV in bed.


Types of flexos

Although it may seem that all the flexos have similar characteristics, there are certain differences that we should be aware of in order to choose the one that best suits our needs. Depending on the bracket, we can find fixed or clamped flexos:

  • Clamp flexo: this type of lamp is very versatile as it can be attached to any surface thanks to its clamp. It allows you to change the spotlight very easily, which makes it a very convenient option if you need to change the spotlight frequently.
  • Fixed flexos: as the name suggests, these are the flexos whose structure rests on their base. They take up a little more space than the clamp ones as they need a flat surface to rest on, even so they are perfect for any desk as the bases aren’t usually large and adapt very well to small rooms.

Depending on their structure, we have flex arm and articulating arm flexos:

  • Flexible arm: the structure of this lamp is completely flexible, allowing total freedom of movement.
  • Articulating arm: this type of flexo has gears that allow the rigid arm to be oriented to certain positions.

Light bulb or integrated LED?

When choosing a lamp, we must take into account the type of lighting we are going to use: whether we want a lamp with a bulb or an integrated LED lamp.

  • Bulb: we can use any type of bulb that is compatible with our lamp, although it is advisable to use the most energy-efficient bulb to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Integrated LED: lamps with this type of technology are very practical and functional, help you save on light consumption and have a long service life. LEDs are much safer and don’t heat up. They are free of compounds such as mercury and light up instantly.

If you want your flexo lamp to have an extra feature, you can opt for a multi-function flexo lamp, with alarm clock, music, torch or USB ports to conveniently charge your mobile phone or tablet. In addition, to the focused light and the comfort of its structure, the flexo lamps offer us a wide range of shapes and colours, with avant-garde, retro, industrial designs… a world of possibilities with which we will be able to satisfy all our needs.

Tips for lighting your rooms with table lamps and table lamps

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