How to choose the best solar wall light to illuminate every area of your garden

With the arrival of summer, gardens and terraces become the favourite place in the home to beat the heat and have a good time with friends, family or neighbours, especially in the evenings.

To create the best possible atmosphere, the first thing you need to know is the type of luminaire you are going to need, and then look for models and designs that suit your tastes within the possibilities.

Depending on the area you want to illuminate in your garden, you should use lamps, wall lights, spotlights or solar beacons with a suitable protection rating against solids and liquids (IP) to prevent damage.

In Arteconfort you can find a wide range of solar LED luminaires that adapt to any style and need, from solar garlands to solar wall lights with a high luminous flux.

Types of Protection Index

The Protection Index is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to choosing one solar product over another, as its useful life will depend to a greater extent on the material from which it is made.

Thus, the higher the number, the greater the protection against adverse environmental conditions. This figure is generally made up of two numbers: the first is related to the level of safety against solid bodies and the second against water.

For example, if you want to illuminate a semi-covered area such as a porch or terrace, a solar lamp with an IP23 rating would be sufficient, while if you want to provide light for your garden pool, you should choose a solar wall light with the maximum protection against high pressure and temperature jets (IP69).

Lighting zones according to IP

Depending on where you are going to place the luminaire, it should have a higher or lower protection rating. The areas that are going to be more exposed to splashes or any kind of direct contact with water should have a higher number than the rest.

Zone A): Lighting of entrances, paths, walkways or stairways. For this zone, luminaires with an IP44 rating are recommended, depending on their distance from the pool.

Zone B): Lighting of façades or steps. As in the first zone, we will use IP44.

Zone C): Lighting in the vicinity of the pool. In this case we will increase the safety to IP 55 so that they are protected against splashing and pressurised water jets.

Zone D): Lighting in the pool area. This area will be regularly submerged in water so we will have to install IP67 luminaires.

Zone E): Lighting inside the pool. The solar luminaires will be permanently immersed in water, so it will have to have the maximum protection against dust and water with an IP68.

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