Spring arrives with 8 solar lighting novelties for your garden

In recent years, due to the pandemic in which we still find ourselves, we have sought refuge inside our own homes. Outdoor spaces such as terraces and gardens have become a point of disconnection and tranquillity for everyone, and a meeting point with the people around us.

Although the rains and the cold have not given us a break these last few weeks, since the 20th of March we have officially entered spring. And that means that it won’t be long before the good weather arrives and we can enjoy those special moments again.

Until that moment arrives, it’s time to start remodelling and decorating our gardens, terraces, patios, porches and all the outdoor spaces in our homes, without going crazy of course.

What's new 2022 in solar lighting

This year at Arteconfort we have developed solar luminaires that adapt to the tastes and needs of everyone, both functionally (increasing the luminous flux of many models) and decoratively to create unique and personalised atmospheres.


HORUS wall light

The main novelty that we have incorporated is the HORUS solar wall light, an ideal complement to illuminate the parasol of your terrace or garden.

You can place the solar panel on top of the parasol itself with the clamp, anchor it to the ground with the spike or screw it to the wall, and choose the amount of light between its three modes of operation.


IRIS family

Another strong bet that we have made this season is the IRIS family, consisting of the lantern (adjustable in 3 heights), the wall lamp and the solar wall lamp.

They incorporate a more modern and contemporary design and can illuminate large outdoor spaces of up to 70 square metres thanks to their 2,000 lm of luminous flux.

They also have a high protection rating (IP64) and are protected against dust and water currents with extremely strong pressure, keeping their operation intact.


    The IRIS solar street light is characterised by an elegant design and a high quality panel that allows it to...


    The IRIS PARED solar wall light is characterised by a discreet and elegant design, making it the ideal complement to...


    The IRIS solar wall lamp is characterised by a discreet and elegant design, making it the ideal complement to illuminate...


ALFA wall light

On the other hand, at Arteconfort we wanted to go one step further in our commitment to the environment by creating the ALFA, the first solar wall light made from recycled material and designed in Spain.

It is the perfect blend of discretion, elegance, efficiency and savings. During the day it will go unnoticed due to its beautiful design and small size (30x3x4cm), and when it gets dark you will notice its presence thanks to its great outdoor lighting.

The possibility of placing several wall lights together makes this wall light a safe bet for decorating and lighting the exterior doors of every home.

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Discover all the characteristics and properties of the product

ALFA outdoor solar wall light



JANO family

The JANO solar wall light has become more than just a trend for decorating outdoor spaces in homes. Its beautiful aesthetics and its small size have become a benchmark in terms of solar lighting.

After seeing how successful it was in 2021 (more than 30,000 units were sold), this year we have added two new members to the family: the solar wall light and the JANO L wall light (double the power, double the battery capacity and double the luminous flux).


ORBIS family

Solar beacons never go out of fashion. They are essential decorative elements to illuminate paths or passageways in your garden, or even to project plants or objects.

The ORBIS range will satisfy all your needs, as you can choose between a single spike with a built-in solar panel (ORBIS), a solar spike with two spotlights (ORBIS DUO), or two different spikes far away from the solar panel that can also be used as a solar wall light (ORBIS DOUBLE).


    The ORBIS solar beacon is characterised by an elegant and discreet design, making it an indispensable complement to illuminate your...


    The ORBIS DOUBLE solar beacon is characterised by its high resistance and the possibility of placing the spotlights at a...


    The ORBIS DUO solar wall light is characterised by its high resistance. It has 2 adjustable spotlights, a high quality...


BOREALIS garlands

Other products that became a trend last year were the solar Christmas garlands for outdoors. These are ideal for illuminating railings, plants, outdoor walls, doors, etc., 365 days a year without affecting the electricity bill.

Not only do they illuminate our rooms without electricity costs, as they are charged during daylight hours, but they also add an original and fun touch to our magical nights.

BOREALIS garlands will turn your terrace into an incredible chill out area thanks to their dim lighting. Depending on the number of crystalline bulbs you can choose between 3 models: 10 bulbs (BOREALIS), 25 bulbs (BOREALIS L) and 25 bulbs RGB (BOREALIS L DE COLOR)

  • Old collection


    The BOREALIS solar garland has a design made up of 10 crystalline bulbs. Create your own ambiance by placing them...

  • Old collection


    Get a beautiful decorative effect on your terrace or living room with this solar light garland with a design made...

  • Old collection


    Add a beautiful and fun effect to your garden or terrace with the decorative lighting of this solar garland that...


ENIF WARM garland

With the ENIF WARM solar garland, you can create your own ambiance in the garden or on the terrace thanks to its 8 different operating modes in warm white and its 30 teardrop-shaped bulbs.

It also includes a spike and a wall light so that you can place it as a beacon or suspended on the wall, whichever suits you best.

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Bring a warm and intimate touch to your rooms

Ambiente ENIF WARM en jardín

INDUS garland

Any time of the year is a good time to decorate your outdoor rooms. With the 50 LED bulbs of the INDUS garland you can add an intimate touch to your rooms thanks to the warm white tone of the light.

You can also choose between its 8 operating modes with an autonomy of 8 hours, and place them as a beacon or wall light.

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Add an intimate and unique touch to your environments

INDUS guirnalda solar encendida y colgada