Ceiling fans: the best option for the environment

As every year, the arrival of summer brings with it an increase in the use of air-conditioning elements for the home as a result of the high temperatures, and consequently, an increase in the cost of electricity bills.

This expense can vary depending on the electrical appliance chosen. As we have already seen, the consumption of ceiling fans is considerably lower than that of an air conditioner, saving a considerable amount of money both in the initial investment and in the monthly cost of using them. We could be talking about a figure of around 980 euros per year difference between the two, an exorbitant price that many families cannot afford.

In addition to the economic aspect, another consideration to take into account that can make you choose one or the other is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Caring for the environment has become one of the main objectives of companies, either by reducing the production of certain waste or by replacing materials with more sustainable ones.

Reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

Which emits less carbon dioxide?

To check the savings in carbon dioxide emissions we will take as a reference the sale of 20,000 air conditioners, which have a power of 1,000W and operate for 8 hours 365 days a year, and multiply the result by 0.40, which is the stipulated amount of emissions of kilograms of CO2 per kilowatt hour.

In the same way, we will make the same calculation with ceiling fans, taking as an example the Creta model with 5W of consumption at speed 1.

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Air conditioning

1.000 W x 8 h = 8 KWh

8 KWh x 20.000 uds = 160.000 KWh

 160.000 KWh x 365 days = 58.400.000 KWh

58.400.000 KWh x 0,40 = 23.360 tons CO2/year

Ceiling fan

5 W x 8 h = 0,04 KWh

0,04 KWh x 20.000 uds = 800 KWh

 800 KWh x 365 days = 292.000 KWh

292.000 KWh x 0,40 = 116 tons CO2/year

According to the results, air conditioners emit a total of 23.360 tonnes of CO2 per year, whereas ceiling fans emit 116 tonnes of carbon dioxide, i.e. two hundred times less.


Tons of CO2 emissions

Air conditioning


Tons of CO2 emissions

Ceiling fan

To get an idea of the amount of CO2 emissions that both electrical appliances produce, let’s calculate the number of trees we would need to plant to compensate, knowing that 1 tonne of carbon dioxide gas is equivalent to 6 trees and each tree covers approximately 3 square metres.

How many trees would need to be planted to offset its consumption?

Air conditioning



trees (420.480 square metres)

campo de futbol


football pitches

Ceiling fan



trees (2.088 square metres)

campo de futbol


football pitches

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