Arteconfort grows more than 100% in 2019

The household products brand maintains growth forecasts for 2020

Arteconfort, the Spanish homeware company, has closed 2019 with a 102% growth compared to 2018. These very positive results have been the result of the development and evolution process that the brand underwent during the past year. In addition, and largely due to the expansion of its product catalogue, the company has expanded its facilities by 3000m2 and has created a 150m2 showroom in which a large sample of these products are displayed. To cope with this growth, the staff was also enlarged by incorporating 10 new professionals, generating employment and creating new job opportunities.

According to Javier Zorrilla, CEO of Arteconfort, “throughout 2019 we have laid the foundations for development, growth and consolidation to establish ourselves as leaders in the sector at a national level. We have achieved this expansion thanks to the experience and synergy obtained as a business group”.

EON ambiente

Among the main novelties of the past year, Arteconfort created a new family of solar lighting products for outdoor use. These include the new EÓN and NIZAR wall lights and the PEGASO series. All of them are high luminosity products, with high capacity and autonomy batteries and improved solar panels.

These luminaires don’t generate electricity costs as they operate with energy from renewable sources (in this case, sunlight) and are environmentally friendly. They are very easy to install, as they are not connected to the mains. They also have greater autonomy and a higher luminous flux than other solar products on the market thanks to their improved batteries and solar panels. Thus, they can illuminate larger areas which, together with the different operating modes with or without sensor, make them the best solution for garden or outdoor lighting.

The company also presented novelties in its family of ceiling fans with the latest generation of DC (direct current) motors. Arteconfort fans have been technologically developed in such a way that they are the quietest on the market. This allows the fan to be used during sleep, helping and improving rest during the hottest periods of the year. The summer/winter rotation mode allows to invert the rotation of the blades, in this way, the heat is distributed throughout the room, homogenising the different layers of air and reducing heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer. Thanks to the technological development, the electrical consumption of DC motor fans is minimal. Finally, it should be noted that Arteconfort ceiling fans are easier to install.

In this context, Arteconfort has improved the product creation phases, which has allowed it to control and monitor all of them. All its products begin with the design of the first mock-ups, their subsequent development, the testing of the final product and their manufacture. Thus guaranteeing that they meet all the quality standards required by the brand.