New ground recessed solar spotlights

Outdoor light for your garden without installation

IP67 for perimeter lighting of swimming pools and pathways

Every year, with the arrival of the summer heat, we change our habits and daily routines. It is true that we have more of a social life, but during the hottest hours of the day we avoid going outside, taking advantage of the interior of our homes where we have air conditioning systems installed. It is when the sun goes down and temperatures drop that we spend more hours outdoors, making the most of gardens and terraces. For this reason, it is essential to have good lighting. Thanks to the progress and development of technology, we can find a wide range of solar lighting products for outdoor use:

The improvement of the batteries and solar panels allows you to enjoy high luminosity lighting all night long. The use of renewable energies such as sunlight allows you to illuminate your garden in a more ecological way and without electricity costs.

In addition, by means of presence sensors we can choose to turn our lamps on only when we are near, also serving as a deterrent and anti-vandalism element.

Ideas for decorating and making the most of your swimming pool

How to light and mark the edge of your pool?

LED lighting plays a special role when it comes to decorating your home, and your garden is no exception. Recessed ground spotlights such as the POLARIS and LINEAR are the best choice if you want to highlight objects or plants, mark paths and entrances, or delimit areas. If you also have the advantage of using solar spotlights with a presence sensor, your garden will take on an almost magical appearance when the light increases as you walk through it.

It is worth highlighting the great resistance of these luminaires, which gives them the ability to withstand footprints and car rolling, so you can install them near the entrance to the garage or the main door without any problems. In addition, the design is very discreet, as both the photovoltaic solar panel and the presence sensor are hidden inside the body of the luminaire.

As they do not need cables and are made of anti-corrosive materials, you can install them easily and without any problems in areas with grass, earth, gravel or cement, even if they are going to be exposed to water as they have a high level of waterproofing (IP67). If you want to know how to install these recessed floor spotlights outdoors, it is very simple, you just have to make a small hole in the ground and place it inside, making sure it is level.

Choose your circular recessed light

Perfect to simulate the classic ground recessed lights, but easier to install. No need for building work or wiring as the batteries are charged by solar light, they are ideal for signposting your garden.

Choose your rectangular recessed luminaire

The straight lines of this recessed luminaire bring modernity to your exteriors. Signpost, decorate and accentuate your garden in an environmentally friendly way with solar lighting from renewable energy sources and without electricity costs.