How to repel mosquitoes with ceiling fans?

With the arrival of warm weather we welcome the mosquito season and, therefore, the season of bites. Late spring and early summer are the months when these insects begin to reproduce, hence the greater number of mosquitoes that we can find.

On several occasions, you have probably heard that ceiling fans have an anti-mosquito function, this being a characteristic of the fans themselves, as it is the operation of the ceiling fan itself that hinders the flight of these insects.

How mosquitoes find their hosts

Mosquitoes depend on the carbon dioxide (CO2) we exhale to locate us. When we do so, the carbon dioxide in our lungs does not mix directly with the air, but remains for a time in plumes that mosquitoes follow until they reach their host. In other words, the air we expel when we breathe is the mosquitoes’ guide to reach us.

So, when we turn on our fan we manage to disperse the carbon dioxide in our rooms, thanks to the movement of its blades, and we manage to break the roadmap of these insects.

The use of ceiling fans in our rooms makes it difficult for mosquitoes to fly and disperses CO2, which is an essential benefit for our health, as a poorly ventilated room can affect our performance. The recommended level of carbon dioxide in rooms should be between 400 parts per million (ppm) and 800 ppm.

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An eco-friendly solution to repel mosquitoes

It is not a method that works miracles and eliminates mosquitoes from our surroundings, it simply scares them away, but it has been proven that it does repel their presence, according to the American Mosquito Control Association.

Remember that there are also outdoor ceiling fans that manage to disperse these flying insects from our surroundings when we are on our terrace or in our garden.

This is a great option for these hot months, without forgetting that the operation of these devices is more ecological than air conditioning and uses less energy, thanks to the DC motors.

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