New ways to prevent theft this summer

One of the main concerns of citizens when the summer season begins and, consequently, the continuous holiday travels, is possible burglaries in their homes.

According to data from the second part of the study Residential Security in the post-Covid19 era, carried out by ADT, the business unit of Johnson Controls Building Technologies & Solutions, 47% of Spaniards are afraid to leave their homes this summer for fear of burglary.

This problem has always been a recurrent issue of concern in society and is accentuated by the arrival of the hottest time of the year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made society more fearful of suffering altercations in the home. Therefore, in addition to having a proper security system, we can install ceiling fans with WiFi and solar sensor lighting to help us protect our homes.

Do you want to know about these new ways of preventing burglaries? Read on.


App-controlled ceiling fans

The technology revolution has brought with it the arrival of the wide world of home automation and, with it, the arrival of smart ceiling fans. In this case, we are talking about MAUI and CANDAS, two latest generation fans that not only allow you to control them by voice or via an app, but also allow you to keep your home safer.

Thanks to the fact that these products can be linked to an app on our smartphone, being compatible with Alexa and Google Home, we can control them remotely. This means that if we have gone away from our usual residence for holidays or second homes and we want to give the impression that we are still inside, we can activate the light of these fans.

In this way, we can achieve a greater sense of tranquillity when we are outside our homes. As stated on the Cuadernos de Seguridad website, to try to prevent burglaries at night, it is essential to light up the home.


Solar lamps with presence sensor

In relation to this, we highlight the function of some solar lamps that include a presence sensor, being a way to prevent and protect our home. When the sensor of the solar lamp detects a presence, the light turns on at maximum power.

In addition, this type of product has an automatic function, offering us the possibility of having the light on all night without wasting electricity, as it is solar lighting that is recharged during the hours of the day.

We know that dealing with the uncertainty of summer or any other time of the year when we are not at home is complicated. However, if we heed the recommendations of security specialists, have security installed and, in addition, have the possibility of appearing that there are people living in our home, we could reduce the chances of suffering a burglary.